Can You believe this?

This is a comment that Tam (Willowing ) received that I had to share…


Omg. I don’t usually share horrible comments I receive but OMGOD YOU GUYS:

“Im seeing a lot of these course on the internet right now and i think its sad that we have to pay for them. How sad we cant just pass on the skills to others instead of charging a fortune just to read a blog post.
Thanks but ill stick with people who are happy to show me how to do things via their blogs because they want to share their knowledge”

Of course, what was I thinking: work, offer classes and ask for payment? What is wrong with me?!


What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Can You believe this?

  1. She’s got to be a very small minority, look how many people are happy to pay for classes. There is a huge difference between sharing knowledge and putting together an entire course!

    • Its crazy Melinda, I have to be careful I easily tend to give things away , Im not the best business tycoon, and I HATE feeling that conflict when you know someone is manipulating you. My true question though is what was her purpose, what was she trying to accomplish, I over analyze things because I have been on this planet 38 years and I still dont understand humans!!!! Was she trying to hurt Tam?, was she angry? Does she get angry at everything she wants but can’t afford? Even working on my degree in Psych , which is my hobby, art is my career I am confused, but completely fascinated… I cant help wondering what is hurting this woman? All that anger can not truly be directed at someone she doesnt know.

      • I think you are right Mika, It probably wan’t directed toward Tam personally. I’d say she was having a bad day and wrote that in a fit of anger. What she wrote was totally unreasonable. I’m with you, I don’t know if I’ll ever understand everyone’s motivations but I do know that the one thing we all have in common is that we want to be liked. She isn’t going to accomplish that goal with those types of comments, lol!! And you’re classes are priced on the low end, you and Tam keep it real. I do kinda think that the people that are asking over $100 are a bit unreasonable, and if she were going to vent she could have at least chosen someone who’s prices weren’t reasonable! hehe! XXOO

        • I dont really have a great concept of what the average person can afford, because we dont have enough to take care of everything we need, much less buy anything. So everything seems out of my price range, and it doesn’t mean it’s expensive. My situation affects what I feel comfortable asking for. Like I said I will never run a fortune 500 company.

What do you think?

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