If you Say Something untrue About my Savior…..

If you speak an untruth about the most important person in my life, the greatest man who ever lived. Who gave it all up for me, and you too. I will stand up and call you a liar, without hesitation. The truth about who Jesus is , saves lives. Lies, misleading comments about who Jesus was can cost a person their eternal life. I will never sit and allow any kind of nonsense to be said about Jesus and say I love Him. We must with all grace and love for the  ignorant fool who may be misrepresenting Christ  , calm and humble just like Jesus,  say what we know to be true. Even those teaching hate In Jesus name have to be dealth with without anger, without hate. Jesus knew Peter would betray Him. But He didnt respond with anger, He didnt find him unworthy to sit and eat with Him at the table. Think about sitting at the table next to Peter when Jesus revealed to Peter that He would betray Him. It would be difficult to not be filled with hate. Its another example of the person Jesus was, of who we are trying to imitate. I have a confidence and fearlessness I dont recognize when I talk about Jesus, I know who I am without a doubt. Thats what loving and knowing Christ will do.


Nothing can ever seperate you from God’s love.


3 thoughts on “If you Say Something untrue About my Savior…..

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