Me, Art and life.


This picture says a lot about the relationship between art and my life. Im not a person with a lot of boundaries between the things in my life. I think most peoples lives are like a pie graph, mine would just be a circle. I wanted this way, it feels more comfortable for me. I starting thinking about how the staff at church is continually surrounded by the things most important in their lives. They don’t have to go somewhere to earn a living that only allows them to be some part of who they are. The work they do, its gratifying because they are emotionally invested. The job they do is a blessing to every other part of there lives. It makes them better fathers, husbands, wives , and whatever else they do. The stress of being a nurse used to spill over into other parts of my life and make being the person I wanted to be harder.  When you have a job dont you don’t have the option  to cut off someone that  is crushing your soul.  (the story of the last job I had). It would be on my mind more and more, that I wanted one world, I want to be able to be who I wanted to be all the time.  I painted a few large pieces for church and my daughter was with me, my husband would come and go, my son would play next to me. I knew that is what I wanted all the time. It was truly obvious that I thrive in my own world. I used to have my studio in an extra bed room upstairs. I didnt like going in there. I never painted in that room I sat there a lot, but it felt like solitary confinement. I was concerned about the way my home would look if I didnt keep all my junk away from the main living area. Eventually we did move my studio down stairs, in the dinning room which is off the kitchen. (its an open floor plan) My son was a toddler and he and my daughter had a place in my studio. I was happy, the noise of my kids, Jonah running in and out it was heaven. So, now I always feel connected to God, my work sometimes reflects that, even if you dont know it, my family there is , and my art. Im still trying to get it all organized , time, productivity etc.

Art is no longer a choice for me, it is again a part of what keeps me sane. It wasnt always that way. I had completely cut art out of my life for a long time. I have never mastered the ability to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Its always all or nothing. I do everything with all I have. Thats why its gotta be good. I was never able to sit on the fence with my faith. Either I abandoned it and did what I wanted, or it influenced every breath I take. Its another reason why everything had to be integrated, or nothing would reflect the best of me.

Those 3 things are always circulating in my head, God , art, family, life , God, family, around and around. The thought of me not doing what I do, is like someone saying you cant be you.

If there is one thing that I want everyone to know about being a professional artist. Its the hardest job I have ever done. But the most gratifiying . Kind of like being a mom. Its hard work but I love it. My art supplies follow behind me like bread crumbs. The most challenging aspect of everything being a part of everything else , is time management. It has to stay balanced all the time. If not something is always suffering.


What role does being creative have in your life? I know that probably no ones is as extreme as mine .. I created a world around my many issues and personality. More on that later.


3 thoughts on “Me, Art and life.

  1. WOW……Mika, you can’t imagine how timely and significant this post was in my day today…my life, in general.

    You summed up the meaning of art and spirit beautifully.

    Creating makes me whole. It allows me to express the love, often through sadness…given whatever may be happening globally or within my own small family, the understanding, and the healing I want to share with everyone.

    It is our God~self shining through every line, every color, and you, yourself are a blessed steward of all these things.

    Thank you for taking the time to share such wonderful enlightenment.

    A big fan!!!

    • You know there is always that question in the back of my mind , wether or not I should share so much about my faith. Because someone referred to me as religious. I dont think that following Christ qualifies as religious. Religious describes to me someone who is over the top, and make people uncomfortable. Those of us who follow Christ arent loud and practice a life of balance, maybe Im over sensitive about it, but one of the things I hate the most is religion misrepresenting Christ, and using religion to justify hate, judgement and condemnation. So your post brought tears to my eyes, and your post is sunshine! Thank you , thank you , thank you so much for your response. Its so much more than just a post.

      With lots of love,

  2. OMG! You have made me cry. Thank You Francine. You have so touched my heart. I think we all wonder some days how we compare. Being invited to work with other artists like I have makes me exited and honored but also wondering …. I needed that, so much today as I create and write for the upcoming classes, and two projects of my own.


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