My Creative Space

I never could’ve imagined I would have a studio of my own, filled with supplies, papers, and in my

home with my kids in and out.

Jonah checking his email!

My studio is a creative space for Jayda, Jonah, and myself. It had to be this way. I tried to have my studio upstairs in a room away from everyone else. I found I never wanted to be in there. When I was I was away from everyone, so I felt pressured. That time felt like time I had to do something profound or I would be waisting those minutes I’d rather be downsstairs. As everyone knows pressure to create is the artist enemy. With the studio a part of my living space, my creativity and inspiration is a part of my natural flow. I can go play, paint with Jonah, the studio and art are truly integrated in life, there is no real time away, or pressure and I enjoy the creative process and feel more like myself….an artist.




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